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29 May, 2020

It is a Wellbeing Budget – investment in health is critical. The brief is to keep everything going as well as being prepared for further response to the pandemic, with a total investment of $5.6b in services and $755m in capital investment, including:

  • $3.9b for DHBs.
  • A $160m increase to PHARMAC’s budget.
  • $832.5m additional funding for services to people with long-term physical, intellectual, and/or sensory impairment
  • $177m for maternity services.

Transport infrastructure receives $197.1m operating total and $1.1b total capital, including $399.5m to replace the ageing inter-island ferries, and $421.7m to replace ageing locomotives and upgrade maintenance facilities.

The Budget invests nearly $1b for the core provision of education services, as well as $186m from the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, specifically for supporting distance learning for students during lockdown.

The primary sector’s critical role in economic growth is acknowledged in a core package of nearly $500m. $193.5m is pledged to continuing the Mycoplasma Bovis Eradication Programme and $79.6m for rebuilding the forestry Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) infrastructure.

New Zealand Department of Justice court buildings receive a $163.5m capital upgrade for health and safety. Emergency services receive $47.8m to upgrade its communication network.

Some expenditure, such as that for adult education and water safety, is relatively small but could make a difference for many.