“Dairy NZ Taranaki Regional leader Katrina Knowles can’t recommend Grow Your Numbers highly enough. She said the book was something all farmers should take the time to read, no matter what their financial skill level “whilst the concept is basic financial literacy, it helps us all to revisit these concepts to refresh our knowledge,” she said. “in the present payout environment we need all the business nous we can muster to make the best decisions for our farming business.”

As reported in the Daily News Farming Section


“We have been in a partnership with CMK for close to 10 years now and in that time we have continued to grow our business with the help and guidance of John, Andrew and the team at CMK. We have always found them to be a very competent, friendly and helpful group of people. They are a business that’s cares about our operation on a professional and personal level. Both John and Andrew are openly available for a phone conversation or a visit and their knowledge and expertise are a valuable asset in the running of our business.”

Gareth & Abbie Edwards


“We sat down and reviewed our position at the time and then evaluated the options that were available to us going forward. As a result of this I was able to clarify the direction that I wanted the business to take and one that meets my personal, family and financial requirements……This was simple, logical planning process that provided me and my business with a clear direction; I recommend it and advise people to make this their next step.”

Grant Johnston


“We found it extremely helpful and it opened our eyes that there was a much bigger picture from what we were used to. As a result of the session we learnt about our own business and you could say that we now know what is going on within it to a greater depth.”

Sam and Michelle Radford


“It is an essential process for every business (and skilfully brings in the personal side), and your effective facilitation and independent outside perspective adds real value to a planning exercise. We would have been lucky to have achieved 10% of the benefit on our own… thank you.”

C Sowter